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Building Excellence since 1947

Nelson's Construction was started in June 1947 as Floyd Little Homes in Redwood Falls, MN. The business name was changed to Ray’s Remodeling when Floyd’s son-in-law took over the business in 1972. The name was changed to Nelsons Construction, LLC in March 2018 when Floyd’s grandson, Nick Nelson, took over the business.

Nick started helping in the family business at age 8. He now has 49 years of experience in the construction industry and is looking forward to meeting you and adding another satisfied customer to our family list of lifelong friends.

A Stress-Free Process that always works in your favor to achieve your goals for your home

We understand that any home building / remodeling project can be stressful and having strangers working in your home can be unpleasant. At Nelson's Construction, our mission is to make your time with us as enjoyable and pleasant as possible, while offering transparency like no other contractor. Open and honest communication is absolutely essential to the success of any construction process and to that end we go the extra mile to respond to your questions as quickly as possible. We also utilize some of the best systems available to keep you in the loop as your project progresses.

Our process is designed to avoid wasting your time and get the job done right so that you can go on with your life as soon as possible in your new and improved home.

12 Easy steps towards your dream home

Step #1 Fill out our form

Fill us in on the details about the project you have in mind and the vision for your entire home, basement, kitchen or bathroom.

Step #2 phone consultation

We'll contact you within the next day to have a conversation about what goal you have in mind for your home.

Step #3 On-Site Consultation

We have an on-site consultation fee of $500 which is applied towards the design fee when you move forward with us.

This includes coming over to the project site to inspect it and to see what we have to work with. This is where we talk about your project in more detail and start visualizing what the end product will look like.

If necessary we also explore financing options during this step.

Step #4 Signing the Design agreement

Towards the end of the on-site consultation we will discuss a rough estimate for the project and timeline.

When you are ready to take the next step we will sign a design agreement for the project

Step #5 Design Phase

We design your new home space according to your vision and use our advanced design software to show you exactly what the finished project will look like. This helps get rid of any doubts, anxiety and stress you may have and ensures you're in full control of how your home will look.

The output of this step are plans ready for permit application, a detailed budget for the project and we make sure that you are comfortable with every detail.

If necessary we also finalize the construction and final financing for the project at this point.

Step #6 Sign the Construction Contract

We meet in person to review the final plan, the project budget, the list of allowances, the detailed timeline, and the construction contract and make sure that you have all the information that you need.

Step #7 Protect your Home and the Site

For new custom homes and additions we set up safety fencing to protect the construction site and we make sure that your house is kept structurally safe before we start any demolition, excavation or other construction work.

We also seal and protect any other areas that are not going to be under construction in order to keep the dust, dirt and debris across the house to a minimum.

Step #8 Pre-Construction Walkthrough

Before starting the work the design team and construction team do a joint walk through of the site with you to give you a clear idea of what the next steps are and what you should expect over the couple of weeks / months as we build / transform your home.

Step #9 We get to work

We work our magic and before you know it your home will be built / renovated and you can get back to your now improved daily routine.

Step #10 Our cleaners get to work

Once our work is done we have our professional cleaners come over and clean up the job site leaving it spotless and ready for you to enjoy.

Step #11 Post Construction Walkthrough

We do a final walkthrough together to make sure we haven't missed anything. After we leave you have 3 days to perform your own detailed inspection to see if everything is to your liking.

Step #12 We provide you with a project binder

This contains the selections lists of all of the materials used in your home, color selections, etc. along with all of the applicable product warranty information.

Going the extra Mile

Every six months for the first two years we will personally come to your home and make sure everything is still in good condition and to your liking.

After the two year period we're still available and more than willing to help you with anything your home may need.


Nick and team transformed our home from a stained, carpeted mess into a mid-century modern hardwood floored beauty. His team exhibited the utmost in professionalism and had such a wealth of knowledge in all relevant areas. We had some complex areas to work with, and other quotes we received would only agree to replacing carpeting. We would definitely use Nelson’s Construction in future projects!

I agree that Nelson's Construction, LLC can email and call me in response to my inquiry, as well as with tips and offers for similar services.