Your Wine Storage Should Be As Personal As Your Wine Collection

As part of your remodeling/addition project or new custom home, we can provide inspired solutions for the preservation and enjoyment of wine.

According to a recent study from the Wine Institute, the average American drinks more than three gallons of wine each year. That’s a significant increase from just 20 years earlier. As a result, people who are considering building a new home (especially an upscale, luxury home), as well as those who are considering renovating an existing home, are asking for wine cellars—or, as is true in many instances, wine rooms.

Whether red or white, a hundred bottles or a thousand bottles, collector or consumer, building a wine cellar is a specialized project that requires a team of experts.

We can help create any wine cellar atmosphere and functionality an enthusiast craves.

Sure, you want to show off your collection. But you’re also protecting an investment when you build a specific area dedicated to storing your wine. Much creative and technical expertise goes into spaces tasked with the proper storage and aging of wine.

Our experts bring to life their clients’ vision through a collaborative and consultative approach.

If a wine space is something you are considering, you should give plenty of thought to how it will be used. To help meet your expectations, determine and work within your budget, and get the best out of your working relationship with your builder or contractor, that’s the number one issue that will inform planning and design. 

Will your wine room be used only for storage? Or will tastings be held inside? Perhaps you’ll use it for entertaining on a grander scale. Imagine, for example, hosting dinner parties or even casual tasting events for friends in your wine cellar or wine room.  Keep in mind that where the wine is stored is typically cool, so if you want an area for entertaining, the tasting room or area is typically not in the wine storage room itself.

While basements are still popular and strategic locations for wine cellars, homeowners aren’t limited to basements. Enthusiasts have converted closets, spaces under staircases, and areas more traditionally attached or linked to primary living spaces. No matter where you decide to locate your wine space, having a wine space will certainly increase your home’s value.

Regardless of size or style—sleek or classic, modern or traditional, stone or glass—building this type of amenity into any home requires ingenuity to incorporate the necessary mechanical equipment into a space that should also be breathtakingly beautiful.  Wine cellars and rooms with stone walls are particularly on-trend now. We are also seeing a trend toward more sleek and sophisticated styles.

We succeed in delivering world-class custom wine cellars that exceed client expectations. State-of-the-art products and materials in cooling, construction, finishes, lighting, and racking are sourced from trusted partners, and our installers offer unparalleled levels of craftsmanship and service.

It all adds up to wine storage and entertaining solutions to suit any taste.

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