Cigar Smoker? What You Need to Know About Adding a Walk-In Humidor to Your Home

We provide beautiful yet practical solutions for cigar connoisseurs.

If you’re a cigar connoisseur who has outgrown your stand-alone electric humidor and are looking to incorporate an impressive wow factor in your new custom home or as a part of a renovation or remodel of your existing home, a walk-in humidor is the way to go!

Walk-in humidors can be built in a variety of shapes and sizes and frequently resemble walk-in closets. They are designed to maintain a specific level of humidity that prevents your collection from getting too dry in which your cigars will crack and be rendered useless or too moist which can cause mold.

Think of an at-home humidor as similar in purpose to a wine cellar. Both keep your investment—your passion—safe and sound while simultaneously impressing friends and acquaintances.

Both also require specific climates and technical features.

When professionals, like our team, build your walk-in humidor, you can rest assured that your smokes will remain fresh and moist and that they will mellow and improve as they age.

What Does a Walk-In Humidor Entail?

To appropriately store and age cigars requires careful maintenance and specific conditions, including temperature and humidity. They may be simple structures without much in the way of design, or they may feature many special, artisanal touches. Typically, they run the gamut from the size of a closet to a divided or even a full room. Spaces without exterior windows as light exposure can damage cigars and near the center of the home or in the basement are typically the best options. The larger the space, the greater the cost to build and maintain.

Once you’ve decided on a location, sealing and lining, flooring, ventilation, shelving, and mechanicals are all further considerations.

We can add value and practicality to your project and make a daunting proposition easy with their vast experience building custom walk-in humidors. Their team is well-versed in how properly to seal your humidor to keep heat and light out and humidity in. They also know which system of humidification is best based on the size of your space. And they’re on top of the trends and can explain the difference between Spanish cedar and okoumé for shelving, the purpose of a hygrometer, and why your walk-in humidor should have a ceiling fan.

Private walk-in humidors are the pride and joy of serious collectors. While once thought of as only for the wealthy and privileged, today—with the help of our team—anyone can enjoy the benefits of their own private walk-in humidor as part of your existing home renovation or new custom home.

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